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July 20, 2014

Anunciones de Nuestro Pastor
Intercesiones Generales

Matthew, more than any other evangelist, talks about Jesus leaving and returning home. Often Jesus leaves the house because crowds have assembled outside and want to be taught. Today, after having taught and dismissed the crowds, his disciples follow him home, seeking further explanation of what seem to be, at least to us today, pretty straightforward parables.
For both Matthew and Mark, when Jesus is in the house with his disciples it signals a special teaching moment, and it should cause us today to perk up our ears. Usually it is Jesus giving commonsense advice about what it will mean to follow him. Today is no different. To follow Jesus means to be ready to encounter the followers of evil, to have to live and work and preach among them. It means patiently awaiting the judgment that can only come from God, the judgment of justly deciding who will be thrown into the flame and who will live to be a brightly shining saint. Let us heed this house‑teaching, for it will be the same for us who follow Jesus Christ today.
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Mateo, más que los otros evangelistas, habla sobre Jesús que sale de su hogar y regresa. Muchas veces sale de su casa porque las multitudes se reúnen afuera y quieren que les
enseñe. Hoy, después de haber enseñado y despachado a las multitudes, sus discípulos lo siguen hasta su casa buscando más explicación a lo que parece ser, al menos a nosotros hoy, parábolas muy directas.
Tanto para Mateo como para Marcos, cuando Jesús está en la casa con sus discípulos siempre significa un momento especial para enseñar y nos debe hacer prestar atención. Usualmente es Jesús quien nos da consejos sensatos sobre lo que significa ser sus seguidores. Hoy no es diferente: seguir a Cristo significa estar listo a encontrarse con los seguidores del mal, tener que vivir y trabajar y predicar entre ellos, esperando pacientemente ese juicio que sólo puede venir de Dios, el juicio de decidir justamente quién será arrojado a las llamas y quién vivirá para ser un santo ejemplar. Escuchemos esta enseñanza casera para que significa lo mismo para nosotros que seguimos a Cristo hoy.
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“Those who are just must be kind..” (Wisdom 12:19)
  “Que el justo sea humano.” (Sabiduría 12:19)


Dear Parishioners and Friends,

“Catholic Education is an expression of the mission entrusted by Jesus to the Church He founded. Through education, the Church seeks to prepare its youth to proclaim the Good News and to translate this proclamation into action. We believe very strongly that we have a mission and that it is to build up members of the Church by nurturing the mind, body and spirit of young people today.” (Marsh Jordan, Interim Superintendent of Catholic Schools, “Catholic Schools Remain Strong in Faith, Knowledge and Services”, Today’s Catholic News, January 22, 2014)
Here in St. Michael Academy we prepare our students to serve God as productive and responsible citizens. Our Academy’s philosophy is based on the belief that each child is a cherished gift from God. Our school provides positive learning experiences through a success-oriented, student centered supportive approach. We strive to instruct our children in the love of God, the love of learning, and respect for one another. It is our goal that our children will be fully prepared to become future leaders of our church, community, and the world. The Academy is rooted in our Catholic faith. We are an integral part of our parish community. Our teachers encourage children to develop their full potential so that they will learn to know and love God through service to others.
Give your child or grandchild the gift of a lifetime — Catholic Education is a gift that lasts
forever! Send them to St. Michael Academy. We offer a $1,000 discount to new families who will
enroll in the Academy. Financial difficulty should not be a barrier in providing your child a good
catholic education. Come and talk to me.

Fr. Manny Ediza
P.S. I am inviting you to journey with me following the “Footsteps of St. Paul to Greece and Turkey” on October 16 to 28, 2014. For more information, please call the parish office at 619-470-1977.

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