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Pastor's Announcements

AUGUST 30, 2015

Anunciones de Nuestro Pastor
Intercesiones Generales





           Tradition is long human memory set, not in stone, but in human interaction. Without this active memory, the bonds of relationship and affection fray and fall apart. Communities dissolve as surely as neglected buildings do. After participating in events, celebrations, and even small rituals, we remark about how good it is to gather and remember.

       Today’s readings remind us of foundations laid deeper than the human will to relate. Today we hear about God’s will to relate to us—to be our God as we are called to be God’s own beloved people.

       Today in three readings and three ways we remember the covenant bonds that create us as a people and the obligation and responsibility that express the innermost attitude of soul. You are mine. I am yours. These are God’s words that created a people as surely as “Let there be light” created the sun and moon and all the stars.

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       La tradición es la memoria humana a largo plazo, mantenida no en piedra sino en la interrelación humana. Sin esta memoria activa, los lazos de relaciones y de afecto se debilitan y se deshacen. Las comunidades se separan tan de seguro como caen los edificios abandonados. Después de participar en acontecimientos, celebraciones y hasta en pequeños ritos, comentamos lo bueno que es el reunirnos y recordar.

       Las lecturas de hoy nos recuerdan aquellos fundamentos que van más hondo que la voluntad humana para relacionarse. Hoy escuchamos sobre la voluntad divina de relacionarse con nosotros — de ser nuestro Dios tal como nosotros somos llamados a ser el pueblo amado de Dios.

       Hoy recordamos en tres lecturas y de tres maneras los lazos de la alianza que nos establece como pueblo, y las obligaciones y responsabilidades que expresan lo más hondo del alma. Tú eres mío. Yo soy tuya. Estas son palabras de Dios que crearon a un pueblo, tan seguramente como “Hágase la luz” creó el sol y la luna y todas las estrellas.

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“Humbly welcome the word that has been planted in you
and is able to save your souls.” — James 1:21b

  Acepten dócilmente la palabra que ha sido sembrada
en ustedes y es capaz de salvarlos.”— Santiago 1:21b



  Dear Parishioners and Friends,

        Is someone in your house going back to school? If so, there are books and supplies to buy, schedules to plan, transportation to be arranged. There is the worry over new teachers and whether everything that was learned last year has been forgotten. But no matter. Most of the time the school year begins with a review. That’s good because sometimes we understand things better the second or third time we learn them.


       With the scriptures this Sunday all of us are going back to school. The series of selections from the Gospel of Mark and the letter of James that we begin this week will teach us one more time what it means to be a disciple. Lucky for us, since most of us only learn this lesson if we hear and apply it on a daily basis. Today’s first reading also instructs us to “hear” and “observe” “the commandments of the Lord . . . That [we] may live” (Deuteronomy 4:1, 2). And the psalm reviews the basics: “the one who does justice will live in the presence of the Lord” (15,1a).
   (Virginia Stillwell, Reflecting on God’s Word, Copyright © 2014, World Library Publications, All rights reserved)


      May God bless you, your family, and your works.


                                                                                          Fr. Bernard Ranoa  &   Fr. Manny Ediza


Each Christian needs half an hour of prayer each day,
except when we are busy; then we need an hour..”
—St. Francis de Sales 



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