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November 23, 2014

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         Sheep are high-maintenance animals. They are not very intelligent. Without guidance and care, especially in a climate like Israel’s, they would die quickly from predators, starvation, or just their own slowness. The scriptural image of us as the Lord’s flock is not terribly flattering to us, since it is only the never-ending diligence of a watchful shepherd that allows the flock to survive.

       The feast of Christ the King was intended to call the world back to Christ as the sole power of the world, to bring back a flock that had been scattered by many negative forces of the growing industrial, scientific, and war‑torn world of the early twentieth century. It is fitting that, as we celebrate Christ the King, we hear about Christ the Shepherd who cares for us and who, likewise, will be there at the end of time. Interestingly enough, as the Gospel illustrates, our own destiny is determined by the way we have been “shepherds” to the rest of the flock.

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        Las ovejas son animales que   necesitan mucha atención. No son muy inteligentes. Especialmente en un clima como el de Israel, morirían   rápidamente a causa de predadores, hambre o por su lentitud. La imagen bíblica de nosotros como el rebaño del Señor no es halagadora porque solamente con la vigilancia constante del pastor cuidadoso el rebaño puede sobrevivir.

          La institución de la fiesta de Cristo Rey fue motivada por la intención de llevar el mundo a Cristo como el único poder de este mundo; y también de hacer volver el rebaño dispersado por las tantas fuerzas negativas del creciente mundo industrial y científico, desgarrado por la guerra, del siglo veinte. Mientras celebramos a Cristo Rey, es muy apropiado entender que el Cristo Pastor nos cuida ahora y va a estar presente en el momento de la separación de buenos y malos en el juicio final. Como el Evangelio ilustra bien, nuestro propio destino está determinado por nuestro serviciocomo pastores al resto del rebaño.

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“I was hungry and you gave me food,  I was thirsty and you gave me drink.”  — Matthew 25:35





  “[E]stuve hambriento y me dieron de comer, sediento y me dieron de beber”.  — Mateo 25:35









  Dear Parishioners and Friends,


             This is a summary of last week’s issue on the Church’s teaching on cremation. Many still remember a time when the Church forbade cremation.   As Catholics, we    believe in the dignity of all creation.  We should treat one another and ourselves with respect.  In Scripture, we are told to respect our bodies.  We should also respect them in death.  Cremation was traditionally perceived by the Church as not showing proper respect to the body and therefore against Catholic teaching.  This is no longer the case.  In 1963, the Catholic Church began to allow Catholics to choose cremation as a burial option.


        If one chooses to be cremated, he/she still have the right to receive a Christian Burial.  The cremated remains of the body should still be treated with respect.  We should always call to mind the sacredness of the body.  The cremated remains should be properly buried or entombed.  It should not be scattered.  It should not be divided up among family members.  The Church do not consider these to be forms of reverent disposition.


        Cremated remains of the human body may be waked at home for a time.  They should be placed in a reverent place and treated with honor and respect.  But, the home is not an appropriate final resting place.  All care and speed should be taken to have the cremated remains properly buried or entombed, preferably in a Catholic cemetery.


       It is recommended that people who want to be cremated or want to have their deceased loved one  cremated that they do so after the vigil service and funeral Mass, and that the cremated remains be given proper Christian burial so that the cremated remains will not be in danger of desecration.


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        Thank you for being a parishioner of St. Michael Church (Paradise Hills, San Diego).   I give thanks to God and pray for you always. 


        “May God grant you joy of heart and may peace abide among you.”   (Sirach 50:23)


          Thank you for being a parishioner of St. Michael.


                                                                                                 Fr. Manny Ediza



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