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September 14, 2014

Anunciones de Nuestro Pastor
Intercesiones Generales


In today’s Gospel, Jesus reminds Nicodemus how Moses had “lifted up the serpent in the desert.” Then Jesus says, “So must the Son of Man be lifted up, that all who believe may have eternal life in him.” The evangelist clearly saw this “lifting up” of Jesus to mean his crucifixion.
That “lifting up” of the serpent by Moses is described in today’s first reading. The people were attacked by “saraph serpents,” and many died. God had Moses make an image of the serpent and put it on a pole and lift it up. The people who
had been bitten looked at it and recovered.
Jesus “emptied himself, taking the form of a slave.” Lifted up on the cross, he was despised and seemed the most abject of people. But it was in embracing this disgrace and painful death that he became the bearer of eternal life for all of us. His “lifting up” in shame was also his “lifting up” in glory and
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En el Evangelio de hoy, Jesús le recuerda a Nicodemo cómo Moisés había “levantado la serpiente en el desierto”. Entonces dice Jesús, “así también es necesario que el Hijo del Hombre sea levantado en alto, para que todo aquel que crea tenga por él vida eterna”. El evangelista claramente da a entender que este “ser levantado” de Jesús se refiere a su crucifixión.
La serpiente que Moisés “levantó” está descrita en la primera lectura de hoy. El pueblo fue atacado por “serpientes de las llamadas ‘ardientes’”, y muchos murieron. Dios dijo a Moisés que hiciera una imagen de la serpiente y la pusiera en un palo y la levantara. Si alguno era mordido, miraba a la serpiente y se recuperaba.
Jesús se “despojó de sí mismo, tomando la forma de un esclavo”. Levantado en la cruz, fue escarnecido y parecía el más despreciable de todos. Pero fue abrazando esta deshonrosa y penosa muerte que llegó a ser el portador de la vida eterna para todos nosotros. Al ser “levantado” cubierto de vergüenza fue también “levantado” glorioso y triunfante.
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“Christ Jesus emptied himself, taking the form of a slave, coming in human likeness.” (Philippians 2:7)


“Cristo se anonadó a sí mismo tomando la condición de siervo,y se hizo semejante a los hombres.” (Filipenses 2:7)



Dear Parishioners and Friends,

Let us pray for the eternal repose of Bishop Cirilo Flores, and also for his family.
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This weekend we will have special collections on all Masses to help our Christian brothers and sisters in the Middle East who are are facing persecutions because of their faith. Please, be generous.
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On September 29th, Monday, we will celebrate the feast of our patron Saint Michael. There will be a concelebrated Mass at 6:00 p.m.

Do you know how the prayer of St. Michael came to be written? This prayer was written by Pope Leo XIII who reigned from February 20, 1878 to his death in 1903. He was the oldest pope, reigning until the age of 93.
An article in the Roman journal Ephemerides Liturgicae (V. LXIX, pages 54-60) in 1955 gave an account of how the St. Michael prayer originated. It is said that after Pope Leo XIII had finished celebrating Mass in his prívate Vatican chapel, attended by a few Cardinals and members of the Vatican staff, he suddenly stopped at the foot of the altar. He seemed to be staring at something, then went to his private office and wrote the St. Michael prayer. It is said that Pope Leo XIII had a visión of the evils spirits and their ravings against the Church. But in the midst of this vision of horror he had also beheld consoling visions of the glorious Archangel Michael, who had appeared and cast Satan and his legions back into the abyss of hell.(Source: or

"May prayer strengthen us for the spiritual battle we are told about in the Letter to the Ephesians: "Draw strength from the Lord and from His mighty power" (Ephesians 6:10). The Book of Revelation refers to this same battle, recalling before our eyes the image of St. Michael the Archangel (Revelation 12:7). Pope Leo XIII certainly had a very vivid recollection of this scene when, at the end of the last century, he introduced a special prayer to St. Michael throughout the Church. Although this prayer is no longer recited at the end of Mass, I ask everyone not to forget it and to recite it to obtain help in the battle against forces of darkness and against the spirit of this world." (St. Pope John Paul II)

Fr. Manny Ediza



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