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ST. MICHAEL is a Catholic Christian parish nestled in the Paradise Hills community of San Diego. It was established under the Diocese of San Diego in 1957. It is blessed with members that are dedicated to the Greater Glory of God with their worship, ministries and Apostolic activities in the community.

Currently, there are approximately 3200 registered parishioners, from single members to families, to extended families. These members are made up by a diversity of cultural origins and backgrounds. The faith community enjoys a rich traditional and devotional practices that all of these cultures have to offer, thereby confirming the Universal Church that is so defined in our Catholic faith.

We invite and welcome any visitors that come our way and we are eager to accept new members to our St. Michael Community. If you wish to become a registered parishioners, please print and fill out a Registration Form and mail it back to us, or just visit our office.

St. Michael... Pray for us.